NBA Draft Guide: Rhett’s Dynasty Tiers

  • It’s here! Our dynasty basketball guru, Rhett Bauer, is here to provide his dynasty ratings for the 2023-24 NBA season!

    It’s an exciting day, and even more exciting is how Rhett continues to challenge the way we present and think about values in the dynasty space. Here we have a unique layout where Rhett has laid out these guys in THREE DIFFERENT TIERS all in the same space.

    Vets: Refers to guys 28 years and older, so if you’re competing now this is the best way to evaluate your team. You can also mix in some of these guys even if you aren’t competing right away in order to maximize your value in a draft and trade away guys valuable for win-now teams at a premium.

    Prime: Refers to guys in the prime of their careers, aged 24-28. These guys should be at the peak of their production and that should hold true for several years (at least) for all of them. This is prime valuation no matter the situation of your fantasy team.

    Prospects: Refers to guys 23 and under. If you’re “rebuilding,” then make sure you target the guys high on this tier list. If you’re drafting, slide these guys up your board in dynasty.

    We also have Rhett’s rankings laid out in a more traditional way, all in one table, with writeups for each player on the way soon!

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