GrizzliesCast: Length for Days!

Long, versatile, athletic wings you say? Check! David and Isaac continue draft season with four new prospects including a couple of guys that could easily plug and play into the Grizz rotation from day 1.

GrizzliesCast: Draft Season!

While the guys were in no rush to get to this point, it is officially here. David and Isaac jump head first into 6 draft prospects that they like for the Grizzlies. This kicks off one of what will surely be many draft episodes for the squad.

GrizzliesCast: News or Nah?

The Memphis Grizzlies held the end of season press conference. Nearly all of the Grizzlies rotation players were interviewed by the media...Nearly all. Does Dillon Brooks absence from the end of season presser mean anything? Does it mean nothing? The crew is back to take a look at the draft lottery, the end of season presser and some of the information gathered.

GrizzliesCast: Disappointing?

The Memphis Grizzlies fall short in Game 6 and the series comes to an end. Candace, David, and Isaac are here for the postgame breakdown. Success or failure? The Crew lets you know where they stand on the Grizzlies season as a whole.

GrizzliesCast: Whoop That Trick!

Warriors guard Steph Curry was asked about the game plan headed into the game 5 matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies. His response "Whoop That Trick". The Grizzlies heard and responded accordingly handing the Warriors a 39 point loss.

GrizzliesCast: The Elephant in the Room

The Grizzlies get thumped in game 3 and leave one on the table in game 4. The Grizzlies trail in the series 3-1 headed back to Memphis for game 5 without Ja Morant. Candace, David and Isaac breakdown the mishaps of game 4 and look ahead to what the Grizzlies need to do to extend the series.

GrizzliesCast: Busted Narrative

The narrative around the series between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors has been about everything but basketball. It's way past time for that to change because this has been on heck of a series and it is just getting started. Candace, David and Isaac breakdown the first two games of the series.

GrizzliesCast: Co-Show Magic

Isaac and Candace sit down with Sam Orlik of the EthosWarriors podcast to discuss the upcoming series. The group brings insight from both sides of the spectrum, for what looks to be a terrific second round matchup.

GrizzliesCast: Finally!

The Memphis Grizzlies win the series 4-2 and the crew couldn't be happier. Candace, David and Isaac breakdown the game 6 win and look ahead to the round 2 matchup against the Golden State Warriors.

GrizzliesCast: The Dunk Heard Round the World

The Minnesota Timberwolves dominated game five for three plus quarters. Ja Morant turns in a surgical 4th quarter performance to bring home a game five victory for the Grizzlies. Final Score Grizzlies 111 - Twolves 109. Candace, David and Isaac breakdown an instant classic.

GrizzliesCast: Stars Have to be Stars

Ja Morant just didn't have it in game four for the Grizzlies. Desmond Bane and Dillon Brooks did but, unfortunately it was not enough as the Grizzlies fall 119 - 118 to the Timberwolves to tie the series at two games apiece. David and Isaac are postgame to break it down.

GrizzliesCast: Rollercoaster

The Grizzlies make a comeback of epic proportions in an absolutely wild game. Final Score Grizz 104 - TWolves 95. Candace, David and Isaac are postgame, still riding the waves.

GrizzliesCast: Bench Mob to the Rescue

Early foul trouble for the front court led to Taylor Jenkins having to make a tough call. He went with his gut and launched Xavier Tillman into action. This may go down as one of Jenkins best coaching decisions all season as X came in and went off. Candace, David and Isaac are postgame after a game 2 win at the FedEx Forum.

GrizzliesCast: Swing and a Miss!

The Playoffs are here!! Unfortunately that's where the excitement ends. The Grizzlies fall at home in game 1. Final Score Timberwolves 130 - Grizzlies 117. Candace, David and Isaac are postgame with a lot of questions.

GrizzliesCast: Be Careful What you Wish For.

After beating the Los Angeles Clippers at home on Tuesday night the Minnesota Timberwolves fans began to chant "We Want Memphis". The question is do they really? Candace, David, and Isaac look ahead to the round one matchup and talk about end of season awards.