MavsCast: Mavs Offseason Report 1

Lawrence welcomes Editor/Writer of Mavs MoneyBall Josh Bowe to the pod to discuss the Mavs offseason outlooks, recent coaching and front office hires along with views of Luka & KP's relationship.

MavsCast: A Season Comes to an End

Mavs had a terrific year but Game 7 was a glaring example that Luka needs help. Should they move Porzingis? Will Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson get hyper aggressive this offseason? Lawrence breaks down Game 7 and his early thoughts on the Mavs transition to the offseason.

MavsCast: Mavs Up 1-0 on Clips

Luka was brilliant and the Mavs got enough from the supporting cast (including some strong late-game defense) to take home court from the Clippers with a big game game one win! Lawrence Brooks is postgame!

MavsCast: Mavs Take A Weekend Split

Mavs split their weekend back-to-back winning a thriller vs Washington but dropping an ugly loss to Sacramento. Lawrence Brooks provides his thoughts on the Mavs weekend games and their current 3-way tie in the West for 5th place.

MavsCast: Big Mavs Comeback Energy

Mavs get a firm hold of the 6th seed with their biggest comeback of the season.  Dwight Powell gets the game ball! It's Lawrence with the Mavs report on last night’s victory over the Lakers!