SportsEthos Washington Wizards Podcast: Washington Wizards Trade Guide!

It is time, the Washington Wizards trade guide is here on the SportsEthos Wizards show! We start with a roster evaluation and then move to a spirited discussion on the team building dtrategy of the Wizards with even some Caron Butler talk!  No stone was left untouched in this deep dive on a team that is committed to staying the course, results be danged!

SportsEthos Washington Wizards Podcast : Mailbag Time!

Mailbag Time! Corban collected some great questions from our listeners and presented them to our Wizards expert Carthan for his fresh and unfiltered opinions! From the Wizards long term direction to whether it is too soon to already question Bradley Beal's contract, this was a very fun show and one you are sure to enjoy!

SportsEthos Washington Wizards Podcast : Season Greetings Wizards…

New Year, New Us, same great Wizards show! Carthan and Corban look back on the Wizards last stretch of games in the year 2022 and add some context to the wins and losses with some additional analysis. They also discuss some roster building philosphy, the hopes and dreams attached to Johnny Davis, and much more!