The 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Season is Underway



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We just passed our fifth birthday as a website and we had another banner year not just on the Fantasy side, but also for our inaugural offerings in both DFS and Gaming.

I'm also happy to say we’ve hit a few major milestones over here (THANK YOU!). The talent we’ve amassed has synthesized with new resources and it's on to our bigger-picture goals.

Broadly, we're aiming for a basketball utopia where readers, contributors and the community at large are mission critical. What it means for you right now is MORE STUFF. What it means for you down the road is MORE STUFF. Some of our ideas are too big to make any sense right now, but they all boil down to our aim to serve the participants in this wonderful community. We want to honor it with what it deserves.

You’ll notice that right away in the execution you see all over this platform. Our premium products are made to be used by pros in high-stakes situations, and they also aim to serve beginners and everybody in-between.

Our teams believe in effort and iteration. We take stock of our wins and losses, our strengths and weaknesses, and we keep improving because basketball utopias don't grow on trees.

Aaron Bruski, Founder

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  • Dive into pregame stats, game notes and injuries to avoid pitfalls and target juicy plays!


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SportsEthos a la carte

2021-22 Draft Guide

  • Study until your eyes spin with 30+ articles, mock drafts, Dynasty coverage, team breakdowns and 450+ player profiles!
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  • Bruski 150 added to the Draft Guide on October 14

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SportsEthos Membership Information

Multiple NFBKC champions have won over six figures after purchasing this Draft Guide. Get in on the action now!


I picked up the B150 and used it in all of my auction leagues and was consistently able to get Beal, Collins, Bam, Buddy, Schroder, as well as sprinkling in other great value players. I was on my way to an easy payday in a lot of big money leagues until the pandemic occurred. Anyway just wanted to say big thanks and looking forward to next year!

Jil IL, High Stakes Player

Ready. Set. Dominate.

No other premium fantasy hoops service consistently beats the competition like ours does. Come join a community of enthusiasts that love having fun and love winning while they do it.

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Complimentary for Draft Guide Subscribers

RotoBalance App for Android

We performed statistical analysis on thousands of fantasy basketball leagues from 2016-2020. The goal was to find out if there is a correlation between the size of the leagues and the amount of each stat you need to win the category.

The answer is yes! We found exactly how much of each stat you need to compete in your league, and it depends on the league's size. We do that research as a foundation of SportsEthos' Draft Guide and the projections used for the Bruski 150.

Now, we're bringing that research to you in an app that will help you draft a strong, but balanced squad so you don't waste picks on players that might be inefficient for your particular squad or team build. The app is free for Hoop Ball Draft Guide subscribers and we are going to continue building this out so you guys can keep dominating your leagues!

"For Head-to-Head players that prefer a simple, generalized view of their draft progress so they can focus on overall strategy, RotoBalance can't be beat. Powered by B150 projections, you get simplicity and the right numbers all in one place."

- Aaron Bruski, FSWA Award Winner and Founder of SportsEthos



Have fun and have fun winning!

Brought to you by FSWA Fantasy Writer of the Year award winner Aaron Bruski, Fantasy NBA Today host Dan Besbris, 30-DEEP champion Mike Passador and more!