• Boohoo. Last week’s extensive heat wave will partially weaken this week, so the average hitting environment won’t be quite as ideal. Also, last week’s dose of Coors Field fun and wind-aided Wrigley magic are off the table as the Rockies and Cubs play road games all week.

    All is not lost for our hitters, however, because it will still be warm to very warm in many cities. There’s a bit more of a rain threat this week but overall there should be pretty decent hitting conditions. And as usual for the summer, there are some West Coast games to avoid as cool weather in those cities chills the hitting conditions (we’re especially looking at you, San Francisco!).

    If you want to know which teams are my Weather Winners or Weather Losers of the week, skip to the bottom of this article. You’ll find notes on individual hitters there, too. Otherwise, here are the series or individual games to target/avoid based on this week’s weather.

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    Larry is a meteorologist who was fortunate to have a 36-year career “doing his hobby” with the National Weather Service. He’s a weather weenie who was fascinated by weather in elementary school and graduated with a degree in meteorology from Penn State. He obsesses about fantasy baseball, weather and the Phillies.

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