• Kobe Bryant hit 11-of-28 shots (4-of-11 3PTs, 8-of-10 FTs) for 34 points, four rebounds, one assists and three steals over 33 minutes in Sunday’s home loss to the Celtics.

    Kobe had Staples Center roaring as he was competitive down the stretch of a closer-than-expected game against the hated Celtics.  After the home-and-home series at Staples against the Clippers on Tuesday and Wednesday, he goes on the road for games in New Orleans, Houston and Oklahoma City.  Bryon Scott said he’ll play in the mid-to-high 20s and that’s probably correct.  He’ll want to be in tip-top shape for the finale next Wednesday against the Jazz, which could have playoff implications. 

    There are only three more home games for Kobe if you count the away game vs. LAC, so we’re not expecting him to dodge any unless he’s really hurting.  If you can handle the FG%, he’s worth a look for nights like these. 

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