• Dennis Schroder led the Hawks to a 112-107 win on Saturday night, scoring a career-high-tying 33 points (27 in the second half) with four threes, three rebounds, seven assists and a steal.

    Schroder’s main issues coming into the season were his efficiency and turnovers. How’s he doing? 13-of-22 tonight with one turnover. He’s at .445 on the season, down from last year’s .451 but still alright considering the increase in volume. He’s also seen his turnovers drop from 3.3 to 2.5 this season, and that’s been a huge occurrence that’s keeping his 8- and 9-cat values in relative lockstep. Whereas he had a 30-spot gap depending on whether or not your league included turnovers last season, he’s a top-70 player regardless of format this year. There’s a little more upside in him but Schroder’s owners would definitely take a top-60 season and run.

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