• Zach LaVine scored 18 points in semi-relief of Ricky Rubio (ankle) on Wednesday, hitting 7-of-13 shots (including two treys) with five rebounds and six assists in 27 minutes.

    LaVine is a hot mess and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.  Rubio’s ankle seems like it has a long-term component to it and at the same time we just don’t know when he’ll play his way out of the rotation due to poor decision-making.  We’d like to say that Sam Mitchell is committed to playing him and Sam has certainly shown that, but Sam has also shown the capacity to do some strange things in his career, including with this team.  LaVine, for his part, has been a top 100-120 value in 24.3 mpg this year but his percentages are much too high to keep up.  Consider him a mid-level stash for the chance Minnesota lets him loose and the sophomore responds.

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