• Paul George hit just 6-of-19 shots (1-of-8 3PTs, 12-of-12 FTs) for 25 points, 10 boards, six assists, one steal and one block in the Pacers’ 101-85 loss to the Raptors in Game 3 on Thursday.

    George looks amazing when the shots are falling but his lack of a penetration game makes him prone to swings in his efficiency and a general lack of efficiency, as well.  It manifests itself with teammates, as well, since the step-back game doesn’t yield nearly as many passing opportunities as when the defense has to collapse.  George Hill (13 points, three boards, two assists, one steal, 3-of-7 FGs) and Monta Ellis (seven points, six boards, four assists, one steal, 3-of-9 FGs) are frequent bystanders as a result. 

    Ian Mahinmi (seven points, four boards, one block) couldn’t catch anything and was berated by George for much of the night, and we’re not sure that the back injury has a lot to do with his play in the good or bad sense.  Myles Turner started the second half for Lavoy Allen and scored 17 points on 7-of-12 shooting with eight rebounds and three blocks in 31 minutes, as he makes sense to go to when the offense bogs down. 

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