• Bryon Scott said the plan is for Lou Williams and Brandon Bass to sit the next “few games” so he can stick with his younger players.

    Neither of them played tonight and that allowed Kobe Bryant to play 33 minutes while Jordan Clarkson (17 points, five rebounds, three steals, two threes, 6-of-16 FGs) and D’Angelo Russell (eight points, nine boards, six assists, six turnovers, 4-of-14 FGs) both got 36 minutes as well.  Marcelo Huertas saw 24 minutes with six points, three rebounds and five assists and that trend could continue, as well.  Larry Nance (five points, six boards, two assists, 19 minutes) has to dodge a back-to-back, which he has normally played only have of, on Tuesday and Wednesday so he doesn’t really benefit here.  Clarkson, Russell and Julius Randle (20 & 10) are must-play guys in the four-game week.

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