• As the NCAA Tournament winds up and the NBA Draft Combine lurks on the horizon, college basketball players have begun to make important decisions on their futures.

    The NCAA changed some rules this year to allow college basketball players the ability to declare for the draft and participate in the NBA Draft combine (if invited), all while maintaining their eligibility to return to school so long as they follow the guidelines of the new rules.  Players will have until 10 days after the combine is completed to remove their name from the draft pool and return to school.  The players must also go through this process without hiring an agent.  The new rule allows players to test out their draft market without the risk of losing their NCAA eligibility.

    While four-year players are not eligible to return to college, underclassmen are sure to keep college basketball fans on edge until decisions are final.  The purpose of this Tracker will be to sort underclassmen into the various classifications of draft declarations.  It appears many more players will be declaring this year with the low risk involved, so not all declaring players will be included.  I will try to provide a fairly comprehensive list, but may overlook some of the smaller names.  If you believe I missed an important draft prospect, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to add that player to the tracker.

    Be sure to check the Tracker for updates on declaration status changes from now until late May (when draft declarations are locked in).

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