• This is the first time we have done a two-day lineup here on Hoop Ball. I’m not a huge fan of these types of lineups. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen over two days. Plus, I hate when you think you’re winning after day one and you could still be a loser after day two. Nevertheless, I have built a lineup that will hopefully be a winner when Thursday night’s game ends.

    Point Guard

    Kyrie Irving ($7,900)

    Irving has been spectacular through the playoffs and it’s great to see him healthy after getting injured and not being able to play in the majority of the playoffs last season. He finished Game 1 against the Hawks with 21 points and eight assists. Through his last five games, Uncle Drew is averaging 38.7 FanDuel points per game.

    Goran Dragic ($6,500)

    Dragic has quietly been picking up his production over his last four games, averaging 29.8 FanDuel points per contest. Dragic is a big part of the Heat’s offense and he should continue to see his usage go up as they get further into the playoffs. Dwayne Wade is not the same ‘crash’ we once knew and that means Dragic is going to need to have a bigger role on that side. His ability to create shots for others, knock down 3-pointers and score off the dribble makes him a strong play at $6,500.

    Shooting Guards

    J.R. Smith ($4,700)

    I’m spending somewhat cheap at the shooting guard position, but you’ll see why as you read further down the card. Smith has been consistent throughout the postseason, averaging 23.1 FanDuel points per game. However, Smith also has the potential to catch fire at any point of a game and at $4,700 that’s what you’re really paying for when putting him in your lineups.

    Kyle Korver ($4,000)

    We had to spend cheap somewhere, so why not do it with one of the best sharpshooters in the game today. Korver has been hit-or-miss through the postseason, but with a limited amount of players to select from, he seems like a pretty decent value play.

    Small Forward

    LeBron James ($10,600)

    He is the only player to select from that’s over $9,000 and rightfully so. James has been his usual self through the postseason, averaging 47.3 FanDuel points per game. The Hawks have no one on their roster that can truly slow him down, so he will continue feasting through this series. As Shaquille O’Neal would say, “that’s barbecue chicken.”

    Kent Bazemore ($5,800)

    Bazemore continues to be a bright spot for the Hawks averaging 14.2 points and 30 FanDuel points per game. He plays with such a high-level of energy and his motor just never slows down. If his jumper continues to fall and the other stats get sprinkled in, we can expect to see a nice series from Bazemore.

    Power Forward

    Paul Millsap ($8,900)

    Millsap is one of my favorite players in the league today. His versatility as big man is something that I think is understated at times. He is the driving force for the Hawks and that’s not going to change during their series with the Cavs. The biggest weakness for Cleveland is Kevin Love’s defense. Millsap, like Marcus Morris did for the Pistons, will have to continue to attack Love on every possession. It’s a great matchup for Millsap and I have him listed as a must play on my card.

    Luol Deng ($6,600)

    Deng was ‘Deng it’ in Game 1 against the Raptors, but he has been one of the most consistent Heat players through the entire playoffs. However, Deng’s averaging 29 FanDuel points per game this postseason and is due for a breakout game. Will it be Game 2 in Toronto? I’m not sure, but at $6,600 I’m willing to find out.


    Tristan Thompson ($4,800)

    Thompson has been a bit of a disappointment though the postseason. He has seen 30+ minutes of action in four out of his last five games, but it has not resulted into much fantasy production. However, over his last three games Thompson has averaged 24.1 FanDuel points. Al Horford is a much better matchup for Thompson than Andre Drummond. I’m expecting 28 FanDuel points out of Thompson and I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


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