• Monday was arguably the biggest day of the NBA playoffs thus far. We were able to see the greatest role player – Russell Westbrook – finish with 62.9 FanDuel points. We also saw the Blazers and Hornets take care of business on their home floor as they tied up their playoff series.

    The biggest news, however, is that Chris Paul is most likely done for the playoffs with a broken hand. It’s a big hit for the Clippers, and the news got even worse when news came out that Blake Griffin is also dealing with a sore quad and is “50/50” to play in game five (UPDATE: Griffin is out for the playoffs).  The Clippers are limping right now, but with injuries comes opportunities for other players.

    Today is a new day, however, and with only two games on the schedule for Tuesday, you can definitely expect to see a lot of stacked rosters. Without further ado, here is your card for Tuesday, April 26th.

    Point Guards

    Isaiah Thomas ($8,800)

    Thomas has been on fire through the first four games of the postseason, averaging 40.3 FanDuel points per game. At an $8,800 price tag, he is a bit expensive. You’re hoping for at least 44 FanDuel points from Thomas and while that may be a high point total to reach there are only four teams to choose from tonight.  I think adding someone with a 40 point upside is nothing to shy away from.

    Kyle Lowry ($8,200)

    Lowry is definitely an expensive risk, as the nine-year veteran has yet to meet his valuation through this series, averaging just 30.9 FanDuel points per game. However, Toronto needs this win. Another year of going first round and out is something that this franchise can’t take, especially after being the number two seed heading into the postseason. Lowry has the advantage over his opponent George Hill and with DeMar DeRozan having his hands full with Paul George, Lowry is going to need to step up in a big way with the series tied at 2-2.

    Shooting Guards

    Evan Turner ($6,000)

    Turner has arguably been the biggest benefactor from the Avery Bradley injury. In the last two games, he has averaged 36.6 FanDuel points which surpasses his valuation. Turner fills out a stat sheet and contributes in almost every category which makes me very confident placing him in my lineup.

    Kyle Korver ($4,100)

    Korver is finally starting to find his jumper, after being in a season-long slump. He has scored in double-digits in three straight games and has been an active on the boards, averaging six rebounds per game this series. After a game one stinker, Korver has either exceeded or matched his price point over the last three games. With the Hawks home for game five, Korver should be in your lineups.

    Small Forwards

    Paul George ($9,300)

    PG-13 arguably has the biggest upside over any player tonight. George has averaged 40.6 FanDuel points through the first four games of this series. George needs 46.5 FanDuel points to meet his price point and while that may sound too high, I think with just four teams playing tonight what you’re paying for is his upside.

    Kent Bazemore ($5,700)

    Bazemore is $100 cheaper than Jae Crowder, but he has actually finished with more FanDuel points than Crowder. Bazemore is someone who can fill up the scoring column while also contributing in other categories. He is averaging 25 FanDuel points per game, but don’t be surprised if you see him having a mid-30 type of night.

    Power Forwards

    Paul Millsap ($8,900)

    Millsap put on a show in game four, finishing the night with a career-high 45 points, 13 rebounds and four blocks which resulted in 74.1 FanDuel points. While Millsap may not see that same type of scoring night, it’s not crazy to expect a 40 FanDuel point night with limited upside.

    Jonas Jerebko ($4,800)

    Jerebko has been a gem for people who picked him up at minimum salary last week. His price has now risen $1,300, but with Jared Sullinger struggling and Kelly Olynyk still not fully recovered from his shoulder injury, Jerebko is still looking at a heavy load of minutes. He has put up a double-double in his last two games and at $4,800 I’m on board with riding the hot streak.


    Bismack Biyombo ($4,000)

    By stacking my roster with Millsap, George, Lowry and Thomas, you knew a value play had to come at some point. Biyombo has quietly been consistent in his limited minutes. He is averaging 16.3 FanDuel points per game and at a $4,000 price point, getting 16-20 points is not that bad. Some may consider this a punt play – which in hindsight, it probably is – but if anything is to happen to Jonas Valanciunas or the game gets out of hand, Biyombo could see more playing time.

    If you’re using this roster, you should have $200 left to spend. I could also see an argument made to get a guy like Jeff Teague and save the money I’m spending on Lowry. It’s a very valid argument and that could work out in your favor. If you want to test your lineup building skills and beat some of the guys here at Hoop Ball, try your luck in our daily FanDuel leagues. It’s currently free entry, so be sure to check out Hoop Ball on Twitter for the link.

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