• I’ve now been roped into two DFS columns and I guess that’s a good thing for readers since I dropped a 317 on your guys last night.  And guess what — I feel terrible about this upcoming lineup I’m about to spit out.  The folks doing the pricing at FanDuel have really done a good job with this one as the prices are off the chart for the big names and it’s my feeling that you’re going to have to take the big names to win.  So I’m going with a scrubs and stars strategy and like I said, I feel terrible about it.

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    Stephen Curry, $10,600

    Curry went ballistic last night and in a vacuum he had an off-night.  My only fear is that they run the Blazers out of the gym and he gets an early hook.  Even if that happens I can’t see him putting up less than 40 FanDuel points and the upside is obviously greater than that.

    Russell Westbrook, $11,100

    Westbrook has been somewhat bad lately and he’s due for a really good game by his standards.  Even when he’s bad he’s going to get you big numbers and the only question when picking him is whether or not it’s a good allocation of FanDuel dollars.  I look at this as a low-risk, lower-upside pick to solidify my lineup.


    Manu Ginobili, $3,700

    Pop trusts Ginobili and he’s going to be in the mix — it’s that simple.  And when he’s on the floor he’s going to produce, even if it’s at a minimal level like 15 FDPs.  I’m looking for more like 20 FDPs and that’s good enough for me.

    Terrence Ross, $3,600

    The Raptors offense is stalling and they need somebody like Ross with irrational confidence.  Dwane Casey went with Ross down the stretch and he has big-game potential that almost always comes out of nowhere.  At this price he is the prototypical low-dollar play for DFS leagues.  I’m not going to call him a must-start player like I did with Bismack Biyombo on Monday, because there are way too many producers to choose from and he’ll carry some risk, but I absolutely love using him as my low-dollar option.


    Kevin Durant, $10,100

    Durant got hot right as Kawhi Leonard took a shot to his knee and that’s something to watch closely.  But either way it’s possible the Thunder had a moment.  The type of moment where it became clear that Durant has superhuman capabilities on offense and they need to manufacture ways to get him piping hot.  Either way, he profiles a lot like Westbrook in that a bad night is still going to get you the numbers, but I like his upside a bit more just knowing that Leonard might be hurt and the Thunder might be more focused than normal on getting him the ball.  As we know, however, they are an underdeveloped basketball team from years of bad coaching and management so all of this might not matter as they fling the ball around the yard.

    Justise Winslow, $3,500

    Winslow was a DNP-CD in Game 3 and then played 31 minutes in Game 4 and that might be a bit optimistic for Game 5 but I don’t see how he’s not on the floor.  He provides great defense for the Heat and both teams are going super small after injuries to both teams’ starting centers.  He scored nine points with four rebounds and a steal, which make no mistake are Winslow-style numbers, but he could almost trip and fall into better production if he gets the same minutes.  And even if he doesn’t, this is the type of punt play that owners want.  Bigger minutes with the potential for 20-plus FDPs.


    LaMarcus Aldridge, $8,700

    Aldridge cannot be covered by Serge Ibaka and Billy Donovan has more or less refused to change the assignment entirely.  Enes Kanter is a better fit (yes you read that right) and Donovan did go to him down the stretch in Game 4, but Kanter can’t handle big minutes and even then Aldridge is a beast.  I do worry about a shooting regression but the Spurs will continue to go to him and he’s yet another solid-floor, lower-upside guy for me to take at a high dollar amount.

    David West, $4,000

    West has not been good in this series and really at any point in time for the past few seasons, but he has been somebody Gregg Popovich trusts enough to put on the floor and he did so for 25 minutes in the last game.  West returned 20 FDPs and based on the pricing structure of the other players I had to pick my poison.


    Bismack Biyombo, $4,700

    As I said yesterday, this is a no-brainer must-play situation because of his safe floor and tremendous upside.  If anything, he might get more minutes than Game 4 after Dwane Casey sort of blew it by not playing him down the stretch.

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