• Ricky Rubio delivered his fourth solid game out of his last five on Monday, picking up 14 points, three rebounds, four assists, two steals, one 3-pointer and just one turnover in a road loss.

    Rubio’s been a disappointment largely because of a curious and harsh drop in assists. He didn’t exactly right the ship tonight but the rest of his numbers were solid, and owners in 9-cat have to be happy with just one turnover in 36 minutes. Rubio makes for a decent buy low candidate at the moment as it’s really just his assists that look different from his career per-minute numbers. Even if he won’t get back to eight-plus territory, he almost certainly has to improve on his current 4.9 dimes per game. There’s room to climb and Rubio has built up enough of a track record that you should feel relatively comfortable in at least some semblance of positive regression here.

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