• Luke Kennard was pulled from the game on Sunday after making two errors in the first minute and he got the full wrath of coach Stan Van Gundy but he isn’t shying away from criticism.

    “I know coach is going to be hard on me. He told me that and I’m completely fine with that, I want him to be,” Kennard said. “I want to become a really good player and if that’s what it takes, I’m all for it.” After an off day on Monday, Van Gundy had a follow-up conversation with Kennard to make sure they both were on the same page. With Avery Bradley already sidelined for at least another week Kennard will get a chance to prove he belongs in the rotation but the rookie is far away from earning SVG’s trust and is not a fantasy option even in deeper leagues. Reggie Bullock is the guy you want to own as he looks like he has solidified himself as the starting small forward for the Pistons.

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