• Trey Lyles was a bright spot in Wednesday’s loss to the Lakers, scoring 18 points on 7-of-15 shooting (including two threes) with 11 rebounds, three assists and five steals over 39 minutes.

    The Jazz were eliminated before the game started so they rested Derrick Favors (knee) and Alec Burks and in the case of Favors he could barely run in the previous game.  Each of their main cogs were really banged up and it was reflected in their play as they couldn’t separate from some bad basketball squads at the bottom of the West.  Gordon Hayward (plantar fasciitis) scored 17 points with two threes as he wrapped up a top 30-40 season, and Rodney Hood (back) had nothing more to give with four points in 18 minutes to end a top-75 year.

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