• Dwyane Wade
    SG, Miami Heat

    Dwyane Wade said he will take time after the season to decide whether to retire or return to the Heat for another year.

    Wade already had his experience outside of Miami saying, "I had my little college tour… It's like a kid whose parents don't want them to go out of state, but they go out anyway and they come back home." Wade will only consider the Heat or retirement in 2018 and NBA fans are hoping he chooses to return after Monday's vintage performance. The future Hall of Famer dropped 28 points in 25 minutes including multiple key plays in the last five minutes to seal the game. The 36-year-old may not have a lot of value left in the fantasy world after finishing outside the top-200 this season, but still remains a joy to watch as an NBA fan.

    Source: ESPN.com

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