• Dennis Smith Jr. had a solid game in his return from a hip injury, but more importantly felt fine in the aftermath.

    “I feel good. I feel real good. It’s going to take some time, but really I feel real good today on my wind. Like I said, my legs were heavy at first, but as soon as I came back in I felt great.” Smith may have felt good but it was more of a mixed bag for his coach, who said “It was bad, great, shaky and good.” To be fair, Smith also earned credit for helping the Mavs blow the game open in the second quarter and had a pretty full line (15-5-5) for just 21 minutes of action. We’ll see how the Mavs handle the upcoming back-to-back, but Smith appears safe to be inserted into lineups if you need him. DSJ’s performance has been more worthy of fantasy benches or waiver wires to this point, but his upside is hard to ignore.

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