• DeMar DeRozan
    SG, Toronto Raptors

    DeMar DeRozan scored 35 points in Sunday's loss but saw his efficiency go down the tubes as the game wore on.

    DeRozan made 12 trips to the free throw line in the first quarter but only ended up 14-of-18 from the line. The referees made a fairly atrocious call to end Bradley Beal's night with five minutes left in the game and then responded by letting all sorts of contact go whenever DeRozan drove to the rack in the game's final minutes. The fact that he shot 10-of-29 cannot be ignored, and while he missed some shots he usually makes, DeRozan also looked like older versions of himself and got tunnel vision down the stretch. He rounded out his line with six rebounds and six assists. While DeRozan will definitely have some things to say about the whistle in the fourth, he simply has to stick to the script and avoid the old brand of hero ball. Officiating aside, the Raptors only scored eight points in the final 7:40. That just can't happen.

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