• Andrew Bogut
    C, Los Angeles Lakers

    Andrew Bogut signed a two-year deal with the Sydney Kings of Australia's NBL and announced he is retiring from the NBA.

    Bogut was tired of being a fringe roster player, living out of a suitcase after being traded around and bought out. "I saw how hard it was, essentially living out of a suitcase the last year or two, with Dallas and going to Cleveland. I don’t think it’s fair to my son. Kids take a while to adjust." he said. The big man finished with a fine NBA career becoming the first Australian to be drafted with the No. 1 pick, winning an NBA title with the Warriors and playing for 73-win team. The 33-year-old did have a fair share of injuries throughout his career, including a devastating one most NBA fans wish they could forget in 2010 when he lost balance on a dunk and fell on his arm. We wish the Aussie luck in the NBL.

    Source: Fox Sports