• According to Stan Van Gundy, Andre Drummond is open to the idea of shooting underhanded free throws.

    Andre Drummond had the worst free-throwing shooting season in the history of the NBA, so it can only get better from here, right? He has never averaged above 42% at the free throw line during his four-year career, but this season he dropped to an abysmal 35.5%. He averaged a career high 32.9mpg in the regular season, and in the 4 playoff games he was at 32.8mpg. Imagine the stats Drummond could put up if he added 3-4 minutes on that average and developed a little confidence at the line? It seemed as if Drummond’s free-throw shooting woes negatively effected the rest of his game, and he was often seen pouting and down on himself in the playoff series against Cleveland. Unlike Deandre Jordan, and former players Ben Wallace, Shaquille Oneal and Dennis Rodman, Drummond is not embarrassed to improve his game unconventionally.

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