• Serge Ibaka had just nine points, seven rebounds and one steal in Thursday’s loss to the Heat.


    Ibaka hit 4-of-11 shots and one of those was a triple so it wasn’t all bad, but the lack of blocks hurt owners counting on him to be a force in that area on most nights.  His 3-point attempts have been nearly cut in third so far this year but his field goal percentage hasn’t improved and he is only a top 50-60 guy so far.  His free throws shooting is also down by a bunch and the only good news is that he’s not getting to the line that much, but free throw shooting had been a strength in past campaigns.  The steals and blocks are mostly there, so owners need to look to the aforementioned categories as indicators.  He’s probably a buy low guy, but to what extent is certainly up to date if he can’t get his efficiency back.

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