• What a journey it has been– the record from the greatest team ever assembled has been broken by the Golden State Warriors. The team that personifies the word team in every which way. Without one of their top-seven players, this team would not be the same. This is something that the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls cannot say. Without Toni Kukoc, I believe the team would have found a way to win 72 games. So history has been re-written by the sum of the Warriors’ parts– let’s see how they did it:

    First Sight of Historical Greatness

    You learn a lot about a team when they get punched in the gut. For the Warriors, that moment was early in the season on November 19th in L.A. A familiar foe was in town ready to take down the 12-0 defending NBA Champions. The Los Angeles Clippers were ready for a fight and they threw out the first haymaker.

    Chris Paul came out of the blocks ready to regain his crown as the best point guard in the NBA, scoring 18 points in the first quarter. Lob City was intact and in control of the game. “Here comes another DeAndre slam,” is a thought that crossed my mind as it seemed that Warriors were having an off-night. The Clippers raced out to a 23-point lead at one point in the first half.

    A little after most of the country was probably tucking in their loved ones and brushing their teeth, a small glimmer of hope appeared. For me, it was the turning point of the game. For most, it was just another shot. Stephen Curry looked alive again and hit a step-back trey from 28-feet out six seconds before halftime. Chef Curry was back in the kitchen.

    The cook was back and he brought his staff with him. Curry came out firing in the third but mainly from inside. On the backs of he and Draymond Green, the Dubs were able to cut the lead down to six by the end of the quarter. Still, the Warriors had not led since early their first basket of the game.

    Klay Thompson was quiet for most of the second half (he only had two shot attempts), but when Golden State needed him the most, he came through. It wasn’t until there was 2:43 left in the game that the Warriors were able to take back the lead on a Thompson 3-pointer. From there, they were able to close out the fourth on a 25-8 run to earn their 13th win of the young season.

    Steph showed up and dropped 40, CP3 showed up and hung 35– America was happy.

    After the Warriors took out the Bulls the following night, I looked at the schedule and couldn’t see another loss on their schedule until a month later vs. the Cavs. The problem is– what goes up, must come down (every now and then).

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