• Mark Cuban and the Mavs made some headlines late last night when word got out that they had revoked the press credentials of Marc Stein and Tim McMahon, who both work for ESPN.

    It’s a stunning development that comes across as remarkably petty. Cuban has remained coy on the situation to this point, making only the following statement:

    “(I) won’t go into details yet, but it has nothing to do with editorial. It’s a much bigger issue. ESPN can write whatever they want, just like always. This has nothing to do with what we did.”

    What we do know is that McMahon, after working closely with the Mavs in years past, recently worked his way into more broad-scope NBA coverage for The Worldwide Leader and that Stein is probably the game’s second foremost insider. Clearly there’s been some issues at play here between Dallas and ESPN and we’ll likely find out more in the coming days.

    In the meantime, it’s a pretty bad look for Cuban and the Mavs. It’s tough to say too much one way or the other since we know next to nothing in terms of details, but revoking press access is hardly the way to go about things. Journalists are vital cogs in the NBA machine and to make them victims of a petty squabble with their parent company threatens the free flow of information that makes up the entire news cycle. It doesn’t seem as though McMahon or Stein personally incurred Cuban’s wrath, yet they (and the fans who rely on and enjoy their work) are the ones who suffer.

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