• Marc Gasol had an interesting take on his brother’s looming free agency during Memphis’ end-of-season interviews today.

    Per Ronald Tillery, Marc said his older brother should head to San Antonio. How serious he was is unclear at this time. It’s an interesting idea for Pau, who would be following in the footsteps of experienced players looking for a ring to wind down their careers. On that spectrum, he definitely profiles more towards David West and Kevin Martin as reduced-cost veterans who can still play a healthy role than he does “token old guy” a la Tracy McGrady. Even so, Pau is a much better player than West or Martin and will command a hefty sum on the market this summer. Gasol also differs in that he has already been an NBA champion, so the ‘last chance at a ring’ reasoning isn’t as strong as it has been in other cases.

    While a nice thought from Marc, Pau joining the Spurs seems unlikely. West is already under control for another season and the Spurs frontcourt is relatively packed with Tim Duncan (pending retirement decision), West, LaMarcus Aldridge, Boris Diaw and the looming presence of Boban Marjanovic. Financially, the move makes little sense for the elder Gasol, who would need to take a massive pay cut to join San Antonio, lest the Spurs undergo some major reshuffling (roughly 0% chance).

    Fit-wise — if Duncan were to retire — Gasol could occupy his role, though the defensive drop off between the two may be too much for the Spurs to stomach. More than anything else, it’s simply unclear whether Pau would be interested in sacrificing big money to take on a reduced role when he already has a championship. While Marc’s advice will likely go unheeded, it serves as a reminder of the cachet the Spurs have as basketball’s model franchise.

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