• David Blatt’s name has been added to Sacramento’s coaching search, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

    To this point Blatt has also been connected with the coaching vacancy in New York and was considered a candidate for the Lakers before they hired Luke Walton. The elephant in the room is obviously whether or not Blatt would be able to coexist with DeMarcus Cousins.

    It’s an interesting call, as Blatt could really never command the respect of his superstars in Cleveland and lost the entire locker room in the process. Whether or not his dismissal was justified, appearing like a doormat for your best players is not a good look. One would hope that Blatt is smart enough to learn from his mistakes and try a new approach wherever he land.

    The Kings, now free of George Karl, are looking far and wide in search of their next coach. A long list has been assembled as the team tries to find someone who can get Cousins to buy in and get this team into the playoffs. Karl did himself no favors throughout his tenure, leaving behind a long trail of ‘What Not To Do’ notes should Blatt or any other candidate need some guidance both on and off the court.

    The team will rightfully be casting a broad net before they decide which candidate will head to California’s capital, so it’s unlikely that their search ends quickly. Their insistence on interviewing everyone under the sun may cost them in the long run as popular candidates have already begun to find new homes, but the Kings cannot afford to waste another year of Cousins’ elite production and have to be sure their next coach is a proper fit.

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