• Welcome back to another Hoop-Ball Friday edition of DFS picks. Tonight we have three Game 6’s on our hands and by the looks of it a lot of the value will be in one game. We have plenty of studs to choose from, but I think fitting an extra one over a superstar may be the way to go. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into this.

    Point Guard

    Ricky Rubio $7,400- The Jazz have a chance to close out the series on their home court after having an epic meltdown in the second half of Game 5. Rubio has been solid this entire series and comes in at a fair price tag. We’ve seen the upside with a triple-double in Game 3 and he has scored at least 35 DK points in the other games during this series. He’s $1,000 cheaper than Donovan Mitchell and provides similar upside.

    John Wall $10,400– Wall has been getting all of the run he can handle and is making the most out of it this series. He is $800 cheaper than Westbrook and Wall has quietly scored more DK points during playoffs than him. I will have some shares of Westbrook, but the $800 salary relief could go a long way on a slate like this.

    Shooting Guard

    Delon Wright $4,700– The Draftkings algorithm refuses to price Wright above $5,000. Fred VanVleet is still being listed as questionable and there is a good chance he sits another game out. He has only has one game this series where he hasn’t played 25 or more minutes and has been closing out games as well. Wright is not a player who needs to rely on scoring to be effective as he racks up defensive stats and chips in with rebounding and assists. He will likely be fairly chalky coming off of a strong performance, but he seems like one of the safer value options to choose from.

    Victor Oladipo $7,900– Ok, this is a guy who at one point during the series was pieced at $9,000. After a string of poor shooting nights Oladipo has seen one of larger pricing decreases, but has still managed to average above 35 DK points during the series. We just need him to literally hit two to three more shots and we are skating to value.

    Small Forward

    Jae Crowder $4,600– We finally got to see big minutes for Crowder and he did not disappoint. It was largely due to Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors struggling with foul trouble, but he was effective with his minutes. I would not expect another scoring outburst again, but the rebounds are real and he can accumulate his points in multiple ways as long as he is getting the minutes.

    LeBron James $12,200– The price just keeps on rising and it is still hard to avoid him. He is muscling this team and playing as much as he can to do so. I shouldn’t have to sit here and talk up James, but while I will have some shares, the salary relief from going down to Westbrook or Wall comes in handy.

    Power Forward

    Markieff Morris $4,500– This is stupid cheap for a guy who is starting and playing good minutes. Morris is very up and down, but even is downs offer a floor that is safe at this price range and his ups could be 30-40 DK points. I like a lot of Wizards on this slate, but Morris might offer the most value of the bunch.

    Kevin Love $6,800- Love, like Oladipo, has suffered price a serious price decrease from a strong of poor shooting nights. Now I am not taking away from the Pacers’ defense, which has been incredible, but we have to expect improvement after shooting 4-of-21 over the last two games. He is by no means a cash play, but I’d take an extra look for your GPP’s.


    Marcin Gortat $4,700- Gortat steps in as another elite value play on the Wizards side of the ball. He played 34 minutes in their last game and posted a double-double for 31 DK points. While I like Gortat and Morris, they cut into each other’s rebound totals. With that being said they are cheap enough where we would take 25 DK points from both and that could easily happen.

    Rudy Gobert $7,000- I much prefer spending up on Gobert to Valacunias on this slate. Yes we finally saw Valacunias play fourth quarter minutes, but just how often can we expect Dwane Casey to do that? Gobert had some slight foul troubles in the last one and still managed 30 DK points. The Jazz want to close this series out and Gobert feels like one of the safer center options if you have the money.

    Honorable Mention

    Myles Turner $4,900- Turner is another player who suffered because of foul issues. He was forced to play only 22 minutes and in his absence we got to see Domantas Sabonis step up as a scorer. I think they are both very much in play again, but I am leaning towards Turner in hopes that Sabonis’ production was correlated with Turner’s foul trouble.

    Kelly Oubre $4,200– Just when you think we are done talking about Wizards I manage to sneak another one in. Oubre has been quietly playing minutes in the mid-twenties and now Otto Porter is done for the series. After mentioning the possibility of playing Gortat and Morris together it would have been hard to play Morris, Oubre and Gortat together. Two out of three may still make the most sense but as of now it would be extremely hard to avoid Oubre.

    Thanks for reading and as always you could find me on Twitter @MikeApotria. Good luck on tonight’s slate.

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