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    With the DFS industry becoming increasingly reliant on data analytics, it is more important than ever to incorporate real data into your daily picks.  In an effort to keep up with the current trend, we at Hoop-Ball have built our own personal database that we use to build models and formulas to help us identify strong DFS plays.

    While many DFS players have resorted to using models and computer programs to make picks and set lineups automatically, we set ourselves apart by incorporating basketball knowledge and expertise into our daily picks.  This will be a daily article aimed to give our readers some of the best values that we were able to identify heading into the games.

    Below are some of the players that we were able to identify:

    • Kemba Walker – Even though Walker is on the expensive side, he’s one of the more high-Variance players in the database, and at $7,800 on FanDuel, he has some pretty nice value.
    • John Wall – Continuing with some of the more expensive players, John Wall should provide great value tonight against Houston.  Going up against a rockets team that currently ranks 28th in D-Rating should increase his value tremendously, helping out with both assist and point totals.
    • Dion Waiters – Waiters is extremely high variance and can be a great low-cost pickup for that reason.  At just $4,600 on FanDuel, Waiters gives you a chance to really increase your point totals with little cost
    • Andre Roberson – Roberson provides great numbers defensively and on the boards, but shouldn’t be expected to get anything more than a couple of points in transition.  Either way he’s a solid player at $3,700.
    • Otto Porter – Porter has struggled this season from behind the arc, but a game against a Rockets team that allows opponents to shoot 38% from that range should give him a good opportunity to boost his number.  He could be worth much more than his current price of $4,900.
    • Myles Turner – At just $6,700 on Fan Duel, Myles Turner has the potential to be the best value at center for the night.  Turner will be vulnerable to having some bad games, but it’s hard to pass up on this type of value.
    • J.J. Redick – Redick, costing just $3,900, should be able to live up to his price tag, and the savings should allow you to really boost your lineup in other areas.


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